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Custom Characters

Selected Basic d20 Downloads:

RC Addendum

Ars Magica d20/5e

Custom Characters and D&D House Rules

Custom Characters

Custom Characters contains only "open" content and no illustrations. Click below to download!

Custom Characters (1.6 MB)

Here's a set of house rules that I developed for my group. From this, I created Custom Characters.

D&D 3.5E House Rules (7.2 MB)

Basic d20

Get back to the basics!

Drawing on concepts introduced in Custom Characters and my D&D house rules, I came up with a rules-lite set of guidelines that can be used with the above documents. These are really just notes; users should be extremely familiar with a wide variety of d20 games including D&D, d20 Modern, and Mutants & Masterminds. Familiarity with the M&M Mastermind's Manual will greatly aid a potential GM as a number of concepts are drawn from it.

The Basic d20 "Rulebook": Basic d20

A Basic d20 Character Sheet: Basic d20 Character Sheet 1

Or maybe you'll like this character sheet: Basic d20 Character Sheet 2

And if you like older versions of D&D (BECMI, AD&D, etc.), try this: Basic d20 for D&D

This document details four new broad skill areas for Star Wars campaigns: Basic d20 Force Skills

Here's a document to help you convert Basic d20 characters for Chaosium games: Basic d20 to Chaosium BRP

A different advancement system for Basic d20 reminiscent of the Chaosium system is detailed in this document: Basic d20 Natural Advancement

How to use fantasy races from the SRD in Basic d20: Basic d20 Fantasy Races

A generic magic system for Basic d20 that does away with class-based spellcasting: Basic d20 Magic Skills

A generic psionic system much like the above document: Basic d20 Psionic Skills

An easy way to quantify and track alignment for Basic d20: Basic d20 Alignment

Some notes on what rules from the Mastermind's Manual were used for Basic d20: Basic d20 Rules Checklist

An even simpler spellcasting system for Basic d20: Basic d20 Spellcasting

A review of skill checks and a new option for combat: Basic d20 Skill Rolls

All class special abilities adapted for use with Basic d20: Basic d20 Class Advantages

A social class system for your Basic d20 campaign: Basic d20 Social Class

Further clarification on Dodge, Parry, and Armor Bonuses: Basic d20 Defense

Yes, there's a way to make spellcasting more basic. This document details the Magic Skill, a broad skill that can be used as the basis for all spellcasting: Basic d20 the Magic Skill

Trait limits based on the campaign's maximum character level: Basic d20 Power Level Limits

Yet another magic system. This time, we get rid of Vancian spell slots and spell points in favor of spellcasting based on an increasingly debilitating condition known as Mindfog: Basic d20 Fairy Tale Spellcasting

Now there are just too many magic systems. Once again, we get rid of Vancian spell slots and spell points, but this time the limitation on spellcasting comes in the form of a temporary loss of spellcasting: Basic d20 Loss-Based Spellcasting

Rules Cyclopedia Addendum

I know this has already been done, years ago, but here's my take on separating race and class in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia.

Rules Cyclopedia Addendum

D&D Boxed Set Supplement

D&D Character Sheet

D&D Game Screen

The Quintessential Dungeon

Ars Magica for Dungeons & Dragons

Ars Magica for D&D 5e

Here's a campaign sketch that uses D&D 5e and the Ars Magica 5th Edition library.

The Glastonbury Glossography

Other variants:

Adapting Hermetic Magic for Adventures in Middle-Earth

Adapting Hermetic Magic for Adventures in Middle-Earth (Simple Version)

Wizards & Warriors - An Ars Magica Variant

The full page for Adventures in Mythic Europe is found here.

Marvel Super Heroes RPG (FASERIP)

Some notes for using TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG for fantasy. And it is really just notes; it's not a fully usable game.

MSH Fantasy

Universal Table

Character Sheet

MARG Tables

MARG Universal Table

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Some crazy house rules for D&D 5e: The Fantasy Superhero

Using D&D5e magic for Adventures in Middle-Earth: Adventures in Middle-Earth: D&D Magic

Ars Magica Hermetic Spellcasting for D&D 5e: Hermetic Magic for Dungeons & Dragons

Fantasy AGE

My obsession with converting the magic system from Ars Magica continues:

Hermetic Magic for Fantasy AGE

Hermetic Magic for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition

Hermetic Magic for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition (The Easy Way!)

A free-form character generation and advancement system:

Free-Form Characters for Fantasy AGE

Free-Form Characters for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition

A blasphemous alternate resolution mechanic for Fantasy AGE:

Alternate Resolution Mechanic for Fantasy AGE

An expanded armor list for Fantasy AGE:

Expanded Armor List for Fantasy AGE

Expanded Armor List for Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition

A class that embraces a multi-class attitude for Fantasy AGE:

The Fantasy AGE Ranger

A class that completes the four-class RPG trope for Fantasy AGE:

The Fantasy AGE Cleric

The latest heresy:

Vancian Magic for Fantasy AGE

A different system for calculating Health and Magic Points (if you think they're too high):

Fantasy AGE Health and Magic Points

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Tables and Charts for AD&D House Rules

Character Sheets for AD&D House Rules

DM Reference Screen for AD&D House Rules

DM Combat Screen for AD&D House Rules

AD&D House Rules Booklet (Fantasy Adventure Game)

AD&D House Rules Booklet (Fantasy Adventure Game) - Black and White

Ars Magica for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

PoR ----- FRC1 ----- PoR_AJ ----- PoR_HB

Cypher System

Cypher System Fantasy Notes

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